3 millions d’utilisateurs quotidiens sur Slack

Slack, l’outil de communication des petites et grandes entreprises, lancé par Stewart Butterfield, a dépassé les trois millions d’utilisateurs quotidiens actifs, soit une base trois fois plus importante qu’il y a un an. Sur son blog, il est également annoncé que le service compte en moyenne deux millions d’utilisateurs connectés simultanément, cont…

App Store : Runtastic Pro est vendu 1€ pour une durée limitée

L’excellent compagnon sportif Runtastic PRO, qui permet de suivre avec précision ses séances de course à pied, de marche, et d’entrainement, grâce à l’utilisation du GPS, est temporairement bradé à 99 centimes au lieu de 4,99€.Runtastic Pro ne se contente pas de surveiller les efforts physiques de ses utilisateurs, mais peut également les encourage…

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Brings A Torrent App For Xbox One

Read here: Windows 10 Anniversary Update Brings A Torrent App For Xbox One

Windows 10 users are familiar with torrent applications, which they use to download movies, music, games, software and anything that is hosted on various websites. However, it’s a little bit odd that Xbox One owners will get a torrent application, but with it, they will download content from the console’s digital store. Microsoft is planning […]

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Salesforce choisit Amazon Web Services pour l’essentiel de ses services cloud

Déjà client d’Amazon Web Services, Salesforce a décidé d’en faire sa plateforme pour ses principaux services. Cet accord représenterait un investissement de 400 millions de dollars sur les quatre prochaines années.

Pokemon Go Opened Doors to US Gamers

Read here: Pokemon Go Opened Doors to US Gamers

Pokemon Company has opened doors to US gamers who want to play the version of the upcoming augmented reality Pokemon Go game. Last week, Niantic has announced that field test signups are open and players who have been accepted to become a beta tester started receiving invitations since yesterday. Japanese users were the first ones […]

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WhatsApp Latest Scam – Protect Yourself From It

Read here: WhatsApp Latest Scam – Protect Yourself From It

Having 1 billion active users is not always a good thing for an application like WhatsApp. Actually, it’s bad for users who are targeted by scammers who take advantage of their naivety and make them install malicious software on their devices. The latest scam that made a few victims is related to a fake WhatsApp […]

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Miitomo : le réseau social de Nintendo progressivement déserté par les utilisateurs

Après avoir connu un succès fulgurant au moment de sa sortie sur iOS et Android, avec plus de 10 millions de téléchargements à travers le monde, la première application de Nintendo serait progressivement désertée par ses utilisateurs.D’après les observations réalisées par l’équipe de SurveyMonkey Intelligence, seulement 2,5 millions d’utilisateurs …

Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge tip: Using the handsets to listen out for crying babies and the doorbell

I bet you didn’t know that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge bundle a nifty feature that listens out for a crying baby or doorbell, then sends you an alert when either of the two sounds are detected. Think I’m yanking your arm? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that I’m not. Now you’re […]

Sherpa, a Spanish-language AI-based personal assistant, raises $6.5M

We’ve seen a big rise of apps and bots, and a lot of them have something in common besides being based on artificial intelligence and machine learning: they are written for English-speaking users. Now one of the more interesting personal assistant apps written primarily for Spanish speakers is announcing funding. Sherpa, a personal assistant app based out of Spain, has raised $6.5… Read More

Thiel says he decided several years ago to try to cripple Gawker

Peter Thiel, head of Clarium Capital Management LLC and founding investor in PayPal Inc. and Facebook Inc., speaks during the LendIt USA 2016 conference in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. Thiel discussed his outlook for the tech industry. Photographer: Noah Berger/Bloomberg via Getty Images Earlier today, we speculated that billionaire Peter Thiel may have secretly financed a lawsuit to put Gawker Media out of business owing to a series of antagonistic stories about him written by Gawker’s now defunct Valleywag site nearly a decade ago. Thiel has since talked with New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin and confirmed that not only has he provided Hulk Hogan (legally… Read More

Magnet – CrowdCafé


À chaque fois que vous voulez copier un contenu d’une application à une autre, comparez les fichiers les uns aux autres ou les multitâches de n’importe quelle autre façon, vous avez besoin de disposer toutes les fenêtres en conséquence. Magnet assure que ce processus est clair et simple. En glissant une fenêtre vers le bord, vers la gauche, vers la droite, vers le haut ou vers le bas, vous diviserez la fenêtre à la moitié de l’écran. Et en les déplaçant vers les coins, vous aurez le quart de l’écran. En profitant de ces dispositions, vous éliminerez les besoins de changement d’application et aurez un espace de travail nettement plus efficace.

Mieux encore, le plein écran bord-à-bord est obtenu simplement en glissant le doigt vers le haut de l’écran. Et si glisser le doigt ne vous suffit pas, Magnet prend en charge les raccourcis de clavier pour chaque commande offerte. Nous avons une petite icône dans la barre de menu où vous pouvez trouver des raccourcis prédéfinis ou en créer d’autres qui vous conviennent.

En un mot:
・Moitié de l’écran gauche/droite/haut/bas prise en charge
・Plein écran et quatre quarts d’écran pris en charge
・Activé en glissant le doigt, par des raccourcis de clavier personnalisables ou par barre de menu
・Fonctionne sur les écrans Retina et réguliers
・Jusqu’à six écrans externes sont pris en charge
・Fonctionne sur toutes les versions OS X à partir de 10.8 Mountain Lion
・OS X 10.11 El Capitan optimisé (y compris le mode foncé)

No Man’s Sky Has Reportedly Been Delayed

If there is one thing that you’ve got to love about indie games is that they aren’t as restricted to what they can do compared to larger titles, in which there might be other concerns from publishers and investors who are more interested as to whether or not the game can make money. No Man’s Sky is one of the most hyped up indie games but unfortunately gamers might have to wait longer.

According to a report from Kotaku, it seems that they have heard from their sources that No Man’s Sky has been delayed and that it could now be released in July or even August. Prior to this, the game was originally pegged for a release in June, which is next month, but now gamers will have to wait a few more months, which we can only assume means that additional work needs to be done on it.

Kotaku also receive information from a second source who works at GameStop in which they were instructed to cover up the No Man’s Sky release date on posters with a “Coming Soon” label. For those unfamiliar with the game, it was originally revealed back in 2013 by a small team of developers from the UK called Hello Games.

Despite it being in development for so long, the game has received massive amounts of coverage from a variety of publications due to its unique gameplay and beautiful graphics. You can catch a glimpse of the game for yourself in the trailer above which was launched in 2014.

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‘MotoMods’ Modular Accessories For Upcoming Motorola Phones Leaked

motomodsJust earlier we saw leaked renderings of the upcoming Moto Z (or maybe a Motorola DROID phone for Verizon). On the back of the phones, there are a series of small holes which was assumed to be for a dock connector where users could plug in a variety of modular accessories for the phone.

Now thanks to newly leaked renders courtesy of Evan Blass, we have an idea of what the upcoming accessories for the new Motorola phones will look like. As for their name, Blass has referred to them as MotoMods. We’re not sure if this is something he thought up by himself, or if it is the actual name, but we guess we’ll have to wait and see.

As far as we can tell, there are three different accessories to choose from. The most prominent would be the camera add-on which comes with a flash unit, lens, and a dedicated shutter release button. There are two other MotoMods pictured at the back but we’re not sure what they could be, although one of them appears to have a built-in kickstand.

However if we had to speculate, it is possible that one of them is an additional battery pack for the phone, and maybe one could be for storage as well. All is expected to be revealed on the 9th of June, but in the meantime what do you guys make of these accessories? Yay or nay?

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Conan O’Brien Plays Overwatch With The Game Of Thrones’s Stars

Blizzard’s latest IP Overwatch was released just the other day and so far reviews of the game have been largely positive, which is a good sign considering that Overwatch represents the first time in a long time that Blizzard has introduced a brand new franchise (Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm don’t really count since they draw from previous franchises).

That being said, Conan O’Brien has managed to get his hands on a copy of the game and has attempted to play it as part of his Clueless Gamer series, and because he claims it is an epic game, he has brought in guests from the most epic TV show which is from none other than HBO’s Game of Thrones.

That’s right, together with Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey, they will be attempting to play the game. For those unfamiliar with the Clueless Gamer segment, it is basically Conan O’Brien with several celebrity guests who attempt to play video games. Since they can hardly be described as gamers, it lends itself to the title.

In any case it is a pretty hilarious segment so if you’d like to see Tyrion and Cersei Lannister battle each other on Overwatch, check it out in the video above.

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Pizza Hut To Introduce Robot Servers In Japan

pizza-hut-robotJust how much faster can fast food get in the future? A whole lot more, it seems, although this would mean that you will have to do away with the human touch along the way. I am referring to Pepper, the humanoid robot, who now sees action in a Japanese Pizza Hut. This is not the first job that Pepper has been involved in, as it has enrolled in school before as well as serve customers at a Softbank store.

With the likes of Foxconn also replacing 60,000 of its workers with robots, it looks like the restaurant industry too, will see a shift in the robotic direction down the road. After all, it is more affordable to purchase a $35,000 robotic arm compared to hiring an employee who’s inefficient making $15 an hour while bagging food in the long run. Sure, there will be repercussions to think of when it comes to job losses, but that is how the new economy works – efficiency at the peak of it all.

Pizza Hut in Japan happens to be the first major chain to make use of robots to serve customers in its pilot program that is set to kick off later in 2016, with several models of Pepper being “employed” to take orders and accept payment.

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Drone Grabs Goldfish From Pond

drone-fishNow here is a very good example as to why there will be more and more strict as well as specific laws drawn up which will govern the use of drones among the public. Over in Quebec, Canada, a man who is also a drone enthusiast, decided that he could not resist the possibility of being a “first in the world” as he used a drone in order to grab goldfish out of a public pond, now how about that?

David Freiheit of Montreal decided that his quadcopter drone had more to do in this life than just to hover around, capturing videos and photos of the surrounding area. Hence, decided to head out to a public park in the city, and then catch goldfish from a public pond. Needless to say, Freiheit’s initial attempts that relied on a makeshift net failed to capture any fish, and this led him to ditch the net and fall back to a vegetable strainer that has been attached with a string.

The strainer then did its job, obtaining success in catching a single goldfish. Thankfully, the goldfish was released by Freiheit afterwards, and hopefully it did not get too traumatized. Makes you wonder whether catching butterflies with this thing will be even more challenging.

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Google’s Text To Speech update: new languages, text select integration

google-text-to-speech-v3-3If you use Google’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine a lot, then you’ve probably noticed that there have been a lot of small to major updates these past few months. You got new voices, a more natural speech pattern for some of those voices, and a lot of bug fixes and improvements. This time around, it’s not …

Alleged Photos Of Upcoming Moto DROIDs Leaked

moto droid leakEarly this month, a leaked photo showed us what the upcoming Moto X (or Moto Z) handsets would look like. In case you’re wondering how legit those photos are, Evan Blass has recently confirmed the images by releasing a trio of renderings that more or less look like what we had seen earlier.

As you can see, these renderings depict a phone with an alleged dock connector on the back, where apparently it will presumably offer some kind of modular support where users can tack on accessories. It also features the (in)famous flat tyre design for the camera and its flash unit, but unfortunately there are no images of its front.

At this point we are a little confused because according to Blass’s post, he seems to allude to the fact that these handsets will be known as DROIDs, which is the branding that Motorola and Verizon use for their exclusive lineup of phones. However like we said, these images are consistent with an earlier leak that are supposed to be the Moto X/Z handsets.

So far Verizon’s DROID handsets usually come with a different design, so either this year we’re just looking a simple rebranding, or maybe there could be a mixup in the names. Either way Lenovo is expected to spill the beans at their event on the 9th of June, so check back with us then for the details.

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SoundCloud Partners With LANDR To Offer Users Free Digital Mastering

soundcloud landrIt is one thing to be able to record your own music, but it is an entirely different thing to know how to use a piece of software to mix and master your recordings into a polished product that you would expect from performing artists these days. However the good news is that SoundCloud users won’t have to bother learning it themselves.

SoundCloud has recently announced a partnership with LANDR in which the latter’s software will apply itself to recordings upload to SoundCloud’s platform. What happens is that after it has been uploaded, it will be mastered based on a format called “Optimized for SoundCloud”, which we can only assume means that it will be more catered towards users who stream, rather than audiophiles who might expect a different kind of quality from their music.

According to SoundCloud’s Vice President of Creators Product and Content Operations Matt Fenby Taylor. “Creators are at the forefront of everything we do at SoundCloud. LANDR has created a great tool which allows anyone to achieve professional quality sound. We’re excited to partner with them to bring this easy-to-use, cost-free solution to our community of creators, enabling them to enhance the music they upload to SoundCloud.”

How LANDR works is that with every upload, they will analyze it and based on that, they will try to achieve the optimized mastering process, which will ultimately take out a lot of the guesswork from mastering a song yourself. For those who are interested, head on over to LANDR’s SoundCloud page to check it out.

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Oppo Shows Off Their Own Foldable Smartphone Prototype

Oppo folding phone-970-80Recently Samsung’s own foldable display was demonstrated at an event which lent credence to rumors that the company is now one step closer to launching a smartphone with a foldable display, something that has been rumored about for a while now. However it looks like Oppo wants in on the fun as well.

According to recent sightings, it seems that Oppo has demonstrated their own foldable display prototype. As you can see in the photo above, it shows an Oppo smartphone prototype with a display that is clearly foldable. The end result is a smartphone that can be flipped open and closed, reminding us of flip phones from back in the day.

However according to the report from Zaeke, the product on display is currently a prototype which means that we have no idea if and when Oppo will actually bring it to market. The prototype’s design is also not very attractive and appears to be rather bulky, but then again it is a prototype so we guess design wasn’t really its main concern.

From the looks of it, the phone is running some version of Android, and it shows the battery’s status as full, presumably to demonstrate that even if it is folded, its battery will continue to work. No word on whether or not Oppo will actually go through with it and launch such a device, but it looks like Samsung may now have a competitor.

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CAT S60 Sports A Thermal Camera

cat-s60When we talk about the brand name Caterpillar, we do know that they churn out some heavy duty machinery that are able to help clear a piece of land in double quick time. Of course, with that, they too have safety shoes that are legendary in nature, and it does not surprise us then that Caterpillar has also jumped into the rugged handset business, with the CAT S40 being one of them. This time around, we have the CAT S60 in tow, which is the first smartphone in the world that comes with a thermal camera.

The first of such a device in the world is said to be available to pre-order in June, where it will no doubt be a very tough device. Touted to be able to withstand drops on concrete from up to 1.8 meters (6 feet), as well as survive under water (up to 5 meters – 16 feet) for an hour, it would definitely give Bear Grylls a run for his money in the great outdoors.

The built-in thermal camera is powered by FLIR, which will let users visualize heat that’s invisible to the naked eye, and hence being able to highlight temperature contrasts and spot heat sources up to 100 feet away. This is perfect to detect heat loss inside buildings, as well as locate overheating appliances. Other hardware specifications point to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a Snapdragon 617 processor, a 4.7” with 720 x 1280 pixels, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal memory. [Press Release]

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