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Hidden Temple lets you explore the deepest of the jungle in virtual reality

There may be a few virtual games available but we’re certain that more and more developers will soon enter the VR gaming arena. For now, let’s focus our attention on … Continue reading

Bevel camera attachment brings Genuine 3D photography to your hands

You know, 3D imaging may be fun but it has not really took off as a standard. We’ve seen 3D movies, 3D TVs, 3D printers, 3D projectors already but we … Continue reading

Spacecom will test your wits in this complex, starfleet command strategy game

First and foremost, don’t be deceived by the seemingly simple gameplay of Spacecom because it’s really not. This strategy game will challenge the ultimate strategist out of you in this … Continue reading

Report: Apple and BMW started talking about an iCar collaboration last year

The Apple Car is taking another lap on the rumor circuit, with a new report from Reuters that Apple execs visited BMW last year to find out more about how BMW makes the (very cool) i3 electric car.

“Apple executives were impressed with the fact that we abandoned traditional approaches to car making and started afresh. It chimed with the way they do things too,” an unnamed source at BMW told Reuters. 

According to the report, Tim Cook visited BMW’s headquarters in 2014 and asked the carmaker’s board members very detailed questions about production of its i3 electric vehicles, which BMW manufactures using lightweight carbon fiber. BMW execs were willing to provide the parts for the Apple Car, according to Reuters.

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Mt. Gox CEO Karpeles arrested by Japanese police

The CEO of failed Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox was arrested in Japan early Saturday by police, according to several media reports.

Facebook adds extra layers of protection with Security Checkup

With all the malware, viruses, and hackers going around, people are getting extra paranoid about the security of their digital devices, cloud hosting services, and even their social media accounts. … Continue reading

Facebook says Flash security woes could hurt its business

Earlier this month, a security vulnerability in Adobe Flash compelled Google and Mozilla to temporarily block the plug-in from their browsers. Now, Facebook says the problems with Flash could hurt its bottom line. app being prepped for Android Auto

Support for Android Auto is finally coming from This means you can finally read more books…errr, hear more audiobooks while in the car that has Android Auto connectivity. The … Continue reading

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra, le smartphone de 6 pouces aux bords très fins

Voici le Sony Xperia C5 Ultra. Je vous avouerai que nous ne le connaissions pas, jusqu’à aujourd’hui. Il s’agit d’une phablette 6 pouces, positionnée « milieu de gamme ». En effet, on retrouve un modèle qui pourrait facilement succéder au T2 Ultra, avec un écran de 6 pouces en définition 1080p. Le tout est propulsé par du MediaTek MT6752, de l’octa-coeur Cortex-A53 avec un Lire la suite

IBM fattens patent portfolio in cloud tech

IBM may be leading the pack when it comes to putting away patents related to cloud technologies.

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